We Don’t Succeed At Education


So I posted the picture above on Facebook and got the following critiques back:

  • Denmark and Finland are small countries, it’s not a fair comparison.
  • Germany pays their professors less, it’s not a fair comparison.
  • How will you pay for this?
  • Less people should go to college.

Ok, a few points here.

  1. Denmark and Finland are smaller, true. They don’t have a “for profit” system though, which is the comparison here. Their education systems exist to educate. Not for anyone in the process to make money, not the least of which the student loans crowd. They commit to a better system.
  2. Germany does make their professors teach more, for less. They still turn out one of the best workforces in the world. No one’s suggesting we pay our professors like their’s, we’re suggesting we adopt their education system.
  3. Great question- I’d re-prioritize. Perhaps having the highest military spending in the world by leaps and bounds isn’t as good of an expense as educating our public? We could move just a fraction of that money over from the Pentagon to Education and fund a better system.
  4. Says who? There are so many reasons to go to college, beyond just getting a job. Besides that, if we valued all labor a little higher, and capital a little lower, you wouldn’t feel this way, because all jobs would be worthy of being educated.

Here’s the main point- our society isn’t doing as well as it used to, in part because our education system isn’t. Yes, we do great as a market economy and military. Many other sectors are struggling in our economy, in part because our public isn’t educated enough to do many jobs. We would benefit from having more educated workers in our workforce.


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