A Note on Ed Pawlowski


I was sad to hear of the FBI raid of Allentown City Hall, and the suspension of Mayor Ed Pawlowski’s run for the U.S. Senate. I had high hopes that Pawlowski would be the first Democrat from the Valley to win a major statewide race in a while. His work in Allentown had produced some movement in a positive direction, especially in the downtown area around the brand new PPL Center Arena. All of that is at the back seat though now.

Pawlowski suspended his campaign, so the 2016 Senate race is virtually irrelevant now. I’ll never say never, but “suspended” campaigns are usually, actually over. This is probably for the best. Running with a cloud of current suspicion over your head for potential corruption is never a good thing. Ed Pawlowski is entitled to a presumption of innocence from us all, but that is a legal matter. Politically, it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Hopefully this will all pass, and the Allentown Mayor will be cleared of wrong doing. You hope that for the sake of the public as much as the individual. Hopefully this will be cleared up in short order.


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