O’Sullivan Should be the First of Many Goodbyes for the Phillies


Good mercy, the Phillies finally DFA’ed Sean O’Sullivan after last night’s game. For at least the second time in the last three weeks, O’Sullivan blew a three run lead, and he once again failed to get past the sixth. He threw 123 pitches just to get that far, and clearly was simply over-matched.

The truth is, the Phillies are carrying around at least a couple of pitchers, and several other players, who have no business in the majors. As bad as O’Sullivan was last night, Chad Billingsley will still get the ball in this rotation, and has not looked like a major leaguer in the majors or AAA. Jerome Williams will soon come off of the DL, and he also really doesn’t belong on any MLB team. I could certainly go beyond the rotation, and talk about the inadequacies of other players (like Dom Brown), but I’m not sure that’s necessary. Just watching this team proves the point.

Between now and the trade deadline, the Phillies should trade several players away for prospects. They also should begin to cut off some of the dead weight. There are equally inadequate journeymen in the minor leagues the Phillies could use in a pinch, and there are several younger pitchers they should give a longer look before the end of the 2015 season. Getting a longer look at David Buchanan is much more valuable than not exposing Jerome Williams to waivers. Giving Aaron Altherr a shot in the outfield is valuable enough to give up on Dom Brown for at this point. Once the trade deadline comes and passes, this roster should look a lot different. It should be used as an extended Spring Training for next year, a chance to evaluate how some players in the upper minors do competing against major leaguers. No one expects the 2016 Phillies to contend for anything, but we would like to see some improvement from this bunch, and that can be achieved by promoting some players for the final two months, and by cutting out the dead-weight that is just taking up space on the 2015 team.


One Response to “O’Sullivan Should be the First of Many Goodbyes for the Phillies”

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