I Don’t Think I’m a Real Millennial


I won’t grow a beard, I keep it clean. I’ll pass on your craft beer, give me an old-school Yuengling. Brunch? Hell no, i’m not one for breakfast food. Gluten-free? Absolutely not. Crossfit? No, but I’ll run or get on the bench any time you’d like. I don’t pick my political candidates based on making history (though some of the candidates i’ve worked for or backed have), but mostly on competency and ability to run a government. I’ll use data, or sabermetrics to judge an athlete, but don’t ask me to abandon the old intangibles, there’s a reason they lasted so long. I much prefer the old daily New York Times to any of the dozens of progressive magazines out there now.

I don’t feel like a part of my generation. Maybe it’s a phase, maybe i’m just reading too many social media profiles, I don’t know. Yes, I was born in 1983, so i’m a technical Millennial, I just don’t see many similarities. I’m convinced I don’t belong with the generation I am with, I don’t even like Beyonce. I must have been misplaced from an actual cool generation, like people who were in college in the late 1960s, or the early 1990s. Hell, i’m not even politically like many of my peers, i’m more interested in economic issues than social ones. I’m just out of place. I don’t know why, but it’s fine by me. I find a lot of the things people in their 20s and early 30s like, people my age, to be boring. And you know what? That’s just fine though- I’ll do what I like, thanks.

So yeah, is it possible to be misplaced generationally? I’m feeling that right about now.


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