I Love That Donald is Running for President


Let’s be clear, I think Donald Trump is wrong with most of his political beliefs. I will not ever vote for him. I disagree with both his characterization of immigrants, and his policy ideas to deal with immigration. Donald Trump is preaching to xenophobes, lunatics, and the generally angry with his campaign so far.

And I couldn’t be happier.

There are very few things I agree with the Republican Party on, and I do not want the nation’s 45th President to be a Republican. If they have to spend months trying to outflank his xenophobic remarks as a field of candidates, and most of them end up having to agree with Trump on this issue, that will hurt the GOP’s chances of actually winning the White House. If Trump stands up there in debates and slams and confronts more serious candidates to actually win in the Fall, and puts them on the spot, or forces them into more right-wing lunatic positions, that hurts their chances in the Fall. If Donald Trump ends up being a force in this process, like he is by being second in New Hampshire, that is great for Democrats.

And ultimately, if you’re offended by Trump’s bigotry towards immigrants from Mexico, or his birther-ism, or any of his other insults he hurls at groups of people, you should want a Democratic President. It’s the Democrats who support comprehensive immigration reform, the Affordable Care Act, increasing the minimum wage, and all the other programs that help the people Trump is slamming. So if you don’t like Trump, the right place to turn is to the Democratic Party. Trump is simply being a bit more raw and honest than the other Republicans, and engaging in some straight-forward “us vs. them” rhetoric.

So keep on trucking Donald, don’t change a damn thing.


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