Who’s Pitching? An Update on the Phillies Rotations


An updated look at who is in the rotations of each team:


  1. Cole Hamels
  2. Kevin Correia
  3. Chad Billingsley
  4. Adam Morgan
  5. Sean O’Sullivan
  6. Aaron Harang- DL
  7. Jerome Williams- DL
  8. Cliff Lee- DL
  9. Jon Pettibone- DL (though he’ll be re-assigned as soon as he’s off)

This is a pretty rough group to watch right now after the top two. Morgan supplies some hope, otherwise you hope for the DL to clear so that you can DFA some of the guys in. The trade deadline and some DFAs will hopefully cause turnover here.


  1. David Buchanan
  2. Severino Gonzalez
  3. Aaron Nola
  4. Anthony Vasquez
  5. Jason Berken
  6. Chris Leroux- Mostly a spot-starter

With Buchanan back here, things are a bit crowded. You’re watching the top three for longer term help. I’d like to see Buchanan and Gonzalez both get an extended look later in the year.

Fightin’ Phils

  1. Zach Eflin
  2. Ben Lively
  3. Jesse Biddle
  4. Mark Leiter Jr.
  5. Colin Kleven
  6. Tom Windle- May or may not be converting to the bullpen.
  7. Joely Rodriguez- In the bullpen again now.

This group is thinning out a bit at the moment, but you’re watching the top three for promotions. Eflin will be away at the Pan-Am Games soon, opening up a spot.


  1. Edubray Ramos
  2. David Whitehead
  3. Matt Imhof
  4. Victor Arano
  5. Ricardo Pinto
  6. Brandon Leibrandt- DL, on rehab though.

This is actually a very talented group. I wonder if a healthy Leibrandt or Ramos could get a call-up when Eflin is away.


  1. Chris Oliver
  2. Tyler Viza
  3. Josh Taylor
  4. Ranfi Casimiro
  5. Yoel Mecias
  6. Shane Watson- restricted

There have been some tough seasons in this group. I’ll be interested to see what Watson has on his return.


  1. Franklyn Kilome
  2. Mitch Guellar
  3. Alejandro Arteaga
  4. Denton Keys
  5. Jose Taveras
  6. Luis Morales

This group has been really good, which should excite you for futureĀ seasons.


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