The Phillies Interchangeable Parts


To activate Chad Billingsley tonight, the Phillies will have to send someone off the 25 man roster. The easy answer is Adam Morgan, who has options, and figures to be the sixth starting pitcher, right now. Morgan is a rookie though, and worth a look, and so many are speculating the Phillies will DFA Sean O’Sullivan, who has served as the fifth starter when healthy this season. O’Sullivan is in his upper-20s, and isn’t a prospect, so it’s no big loss. In fact, I’d argue it’s the only correct move to make.

The Phillies have plenty of interchangeable parts. There are guys who were signed to simply fill a roster spot, throw some innings, and help this team get through the season. O’Sullivan is no different than the currently injured Jerome Williams, and is only slightly less valuable than say Chad Billingsley or Aaron Harang. If he’s fourth of that group, better to let him go now, and not let him clog up spaces they will want and need come August. One would think that the Phillies want to finish this season with some answers on the value of some of their younger pitchers. I’m not talking Nola or Eflin, but more so Morgan, Severino Gonzalez, David Buchanan, and even possibly others. The Phillies may not have a single 2016 rotation member in their current rotation, so seeing what they have ready to go for next year is crucial. For that reason, I would DFA O’Sullivan, with no promise of a AAA rotation slot. He’s not going to be in the future, so why hang out in the past?

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