No One Should Want to Play for the Lakers or Knicks


Yesterday, LeMarcus Aldridge met with the Lakers, and the free agent left unimpressed. Today, Greg Monroe is picking Milwaukee over the Knicks. It appears that despite both teams looking to make a free agency splash, they are not succeeding in getting their men so far.

I know this shocks national media types, and fans of those teams, but neither is really a destination in 2015. The Lakers have a roster that doesn’t really make a ton of sense yet. The Knicks only arguably have a roster. Both teams have overrated front offices that are dominated by names, but not a plan. Both teams also have expensive, aging scorers who require a lot of shots per game.

In short, this may shock people, but there are better places to sign in 2015 than New York and LA. There are well run NBA front offices that can put together a good offer.


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