$45 Million is Very Strong


Hillary Clinton raised $45 million in the second quarter of 2015 for her Presidential bid. For context, that’s more than her or President Obama raised in any quarter of 2007. She’s way ahead of her 2008 pace at this point, and is almost halfway to her 2015 goal. While we’ve heard so much about Bernie Sanders’ momentum, and how she has this issue or that issue because of whatever media cooked up story there is this week, it’s clear to me that Hillary Clinton is performing very well.

It’s important to keep in context though that this is going to be a hard race. Jeb Bush is reportedly going to announce that he raised $100 million in the last quarter. There is no parallel to that, there is no historical reference point to that. Jeb is simply the best funded candidate we’ve all ever seen.

This is the point many miss while watching a Presidential race- nothing of consequence has happened yet, besides fundraising. It’s all about raising the money, and building a strong structure. You’re seeing the front-runners do that, which is why they are called that.


One Response to “$45 Million is Very Strong”

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    All the money in the world does not erase Hillary Clinton’s corrupt past.

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