Staying or Going? A Look at the Phillies Roster


Cleaning up the Phillies roster for 2016 shouldn’t be hard, in theory. You could just DFA a lot of the scrap parts. This team could be wildly different next year at this time. Maybe. Turnover is usually slower than fans want, and sometimes has more to do with financial obligations than on-field performance. This is certainly true of the Phillies.

So, with such, I’m going to try my hand at predicting who’s here next year, and who’s not. Here we go:


  • Cole Hamels- I think he’s traded by July 31st.
  • Aaron Harang- I’m not 100% sure he gets traded in July anymore, but he does before September.
  • Kevin Correia- Call me crazy here, but I could see him dealt this season, or back next season. I’m going with him being the guy we bring back to be the “veteran presence” in the rotation.
  • Chad Billingsley- He’s just pitching to try and get one more season. My guess is that he’s gone next year.
  • Sean O’Sullivan- I can’t believe he has a job now, so I definitely don’t see him back.
  • Adam Morgan- He’ll be in the organization, but will he be in the rotation. I’m going with “long man.”
  • Jerome Williams- No way he’s here next year. I hope…
  • Cliff Lee- Laugh all you want, he’s here next year. He’ll pitch September come hell or high water, so his option vests. God, I hope I’m wrong here.
  • Severino Gonzalez- I think he’s still an up-and-down guy, but in the organization.
  • Jonathan Pettibone- Everyone needs AAA arms, presuming he’s throwing by then.
  • David Buchanan- His next two months are huge. I think he’s in the rotation next year though. I’ll stay positive.
  • Jesse Biddle- He’ll be in the organization. He could be everywhere from in the big league rotation to relieving in AAA.


  • Jonathan Papelbon- Traded this month.
  • Ken Giles- Here.
  • Luis Garcia- I don’t see the Phillies dropping him, believe it or not.
  • Jake Diekman- I think he’ll still be around.
  • Elvis Araujo- I think he sticks.
  • Justin De Fratus- Do the Phillies keep him? My guess is yes, but it’s a question mark now.
  • Jeanmar Gomez- I’m guessing he leaves, though I’m not sure if I want him to.
  • Seth Rosin- I’m going to guess he survives, though it’s a toss-up.
  • Nefi Ogando- I see him being on the roster.
  • Joely Rodriguez- I see him being off the roster, but maybe still in the organization.
  • Hector Neris- I don’t think he’s back, though maybe I’m wrong.
  • Mario Hollands- He sticks around, but doesn’t appear on the opening day roster yet.


  • Carlos Ruiz- I’m saying he’s back, though I’m hoping i’m wrong. I don’t see that contract moving.
  • Cameron Rupp- He’ll be here another season, unless he has trade value.
  • Tommy Joseph- He’ll be outrighted off the roster at some point. He might stick on the AAA team.


  • Ryan Howard- I’m 50/50 on whether or not he’s here. I’ll go positive and say he’s dealt to a better AL team.
  • Chase Utley- I think he doesn’t hit his option, and he’s back here on a small, one year deal. I don’t like it, but it’s whatever. His role will be reduced too.
  • Freddy Galvis- I don’t believe Crawford starts opening day, so I think he’s back.
  • Maikel Franco- He’s here.
  • Cesar Hernandez- I believe he’s here next season, at least right now.
  • Andres Blanco- He’s playing reasonably well in his role, why would he stay, unless he’s comfortable? I’m guessing he leaves.
  • Darin Ruf- If Howard is here, he’s gone. Since I said Howard goes, I’ll say he stays one more year, probably.


  • Ben Revere- Traded this month.
  • Dom Brown- Gone. Non-tendered this off-season.
  • Cody Asche- I think he survives, but on thin ice. He’s not hitting enough.
  • Odubel Herrera- He starts next season in AAA.
  • Jeff Francoeur- Call me crazy, but unless we trade him this month, I’m guessing we bring him back.
  • Aaron Altherr- I bet he’s here in 2016.
  • Kelly Dugan- If he continues to hit as he has, expect him on the 2016 team at some point.
  • Jordan Danks- I don’t see him back on the roster next season.

So, I predict 27 of our 40 man guys to return next season. For what that’s worth.


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