The Gnats are Mad….


So yesterday, the Phillies and Nationals started their late afternoon contest and played an inning and a half. Then it rained, they sat around in a delay for a while, and then the umpires cancelled the game.

Matt Williams, the Nationals Manager (I have to tell you that, in case you don’t know) is mad. He’s frustrated that he burned a pitcher. It doesn’t seem like anyone is all that happy with the decision.

My take is that this isn’t all that relevant. If you can start a game, you should start a game, these are the breaks of professional sports. Sure, I’ll bet that the Phillies started this game just to get some hot dog and beer sales (that’s where things are at, at this point), but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they were trying to get it in. Personally, I think MLB should make these decisions, not the clubs.

Frankly though, it’s the Nationals complaining. Aren’t they still whining about an ump from the 2012 NLDS, let alone the 2014 one?


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