Beyond the Deadline- What the Phillies System Rotations Should Look Like in August


Cole Hamels got hit around today. That’s nothing to worry about in the long run, though it’s mildly alarming with the trade deadline coming up, though I doubt anyone is changing their minds based on his line today. Phillippe Aumont elected for free agency after being DFA’ed over the weekend. This is probably for the best for the Phillies and Aumont at this point.

The Phillies system will look a lot different at each level when it comes to rotations after the deadline. Here’s how I’d like to see it shake out.


  1. Cole Hamels- Traded.
  2. Cliff Lee- Done for the season.
  3. Aaron Harang- Traded.
  4. Kevin Correia- Possibly still around as one of two possible starters still here.
  5. Sean O’Sullivan- DFA’ed.
  6. Jerome Williams- Possibly still around as one of two possible starters here, or DFA’ed.
  7. Adam Morgan- After going back down, he’s back in the rotation.
  8. Chad Billingsley- Possibly still around as one of two possible starters here, or DFA’ed.

So I have Correia, Morgan, and either Williams or Billingsley surviving here. Who joins them?


  1. Severino Gonzalez- Back in the majors.
  2. David Buchanan- Off the DL, Back in the majors.
  3. Aaron Nola- Still in AAA, approaching his 170 innings cap.
  4. Anthony Vasquez- Probably still in AAA, but possibly sneaking up if someone slips.
  5. Jason Berken- Still in AAA.

So Gonzalez and Buchanan are in the majors, and three spots are filled here. Who’s coming to Allentown?

Fightin’ Phils

  1. Zach Eflin- In AAA, promoted.
  2. Jesse Biddle- Finally up to AAA, promoted.
  3. Ben Lively- He could possibly make it to AAA, but I’m betting he’s here.
  4. Joely Rodriguez- Still here.
  5. Tom Windle- Still in AA.
  6. Mark Leiter Jr.- He will finish the season here.

So I have Eflin and Biddle in Lehigh Valley to fill out that rotation, while I have four guys sticking around. I’m betting Reading sticks to a six man rotation, so I have two more open spots.


  1. Colin Kleven- I see him getting promoted.
  2. Edubray Ramos- I also see him in AA.
  3. Brandon Leibrandt- I see his fate as tied to Lively’s, so I see him here.
  4. David Whitehead- I don’t see him moving up.
  5. Matt Imhof- The lost time earlier this year means he finishes here.
  6. Ricardo Pinto- Seeing as how he just got here, I have him staying.
  7. Victor Arano- I see him getting his spot back.

I see them having five guys stick around here. Do they call anyone else up? Maybe. This is a matter purely of if anyone is ready for a promotion.


  1. Ranfi Casimiro- He could go up, depending on if they have someone in Williamsport they want to get a look here.
  2. Tyler Viza- Basically the same as Casimiro, but he could also stay put.
  3. Elniery Garcia- I think he’s likely to stay here.
  4. Chris Oliver- Eventually I see him becoming a reliever, but for now he stays here.
  5. Josh Taylor- Staying put.
  6. Yoel Mecias- While I love his arm, the Phillies are being slow with him, and that’s fine.

I see this group as likely to stick together. Not a lot will change here.


  1. Alejandro Arteaga- I’d think he’s staying here for the summer.
  2. Mitch Gueller- He could finally make the move to the Claws, if a spot is open.
  3. Franklyn Kilome- While people love his arm, I’m guessing he stays here and gets starts all Summer.
  4. Jose Taveras- He looked great in his first start, but i’m guessing he stays.
  5. Luis Morales- I have him staying put.
  6. Denton Keys- He was amazing in his debut, but he’ll stay put.

Basically, I don’t see much happening.


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