My Updated Favorite U.S. Cities List


After doing a little bit of traveling of late, I wanted to update my top U.S. cities list a bit:

  1. New York City- No change here.
  2. Philadelphia- I still love me some Philly.
  3. Chicago- It’s like a mini-New York.
  4. Los Angeles- My favorite big city I haven’t been to yet.
  5. Pittsburgh- Welcome to the high end of the list. What a beautiful, beautiful city.
  6. Jersey City- It actually has the greatest view in the world.
  7. San Francisco- The second highest ranked city I’ve never been to.
  8. Omaha- I’m a huge fan of Omaha.
  9. Boston- It’s been a while since I’ve been up there for a visit.
  10. Des Moines- I miss the Iowa Capitol these days.
  11. Tampa- I love the bay area.
  12. San Diego- My grandfather swore it was the most beautiful place he went, so I need to go.
  13. Milwaukee- This is a really underrated, blue-collar city.
  14. Cleveland- I think I love it because it suffers, somewhat.
  15. Raleigh- My family there made me a fan.
  16. Denver- I would really like to go see Denver someday.
  17. New Orleans- This is still a spot I really want to get to see.
  18. Nashville- I’m down with getting my cowboy on once.
  19. Las Vegas- I’m afraid i’d die there, but I still want to see it.
  20. Detroit- Trash it all you want, I love blue-collar cities.

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