The Phillies at Eleven Weeks


Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

Well, that was fun. Kind of. The good news is that the Phillies won two games last week, two games started by Sean O’Sullivan and Adam Morgan, no less. That’s about as good as it gets right? Well, if you want to view this week in any kind of positive light, stop reading now. The Phillies went 2-5. They gave up more runs on the week than the Pirates or Cardinals had given up all month. They lost a game 19-3, where an outfielder pitched two innings. Phillippe Aumont pitched a game, walked well over a guy an inning, and got DFA’ed. The Cardinals outscored them in the first two games by a 22-5 score. It was ugly, bad baseball.

The Phillies are basically not a competitive major league team. That is going to get worse later on this season when they trade any player worth anything away for prospects. This team is a damn near lock for 100 losses in 2015. Losing 53 of the final 91 games is the closest thing to a sure thing that baseball has. That’s kind of sad.

The good news? Maikel Franco is still hitting. Aaron Nola made the jump to AAA and pitched well. J.P. Crawford is still awesome in Reading, as is Aaron Altherr and Zach Eflin. Jesse Biddle’s ERA is trending the right way. I could go on, but you get the point- keep your eye on the youth, that’s the prize this season. We aren’t going to win many major league games.

  • Record- 2-5, 24-47 overall.
  • Highlight- Adam Morgan went through a lot of injury adversity in the minor leagues. Once a top prospect, he then missed a year-and-a-half after shoulder surgery, and hadn’t won a pro game since 2013 (despite throwing well enough on several occasions). On Sunday, he won his major league debut, and pitched really well doing it. You have to root for him.
  • Lowlight- Clearly the 19-3 shelling in Baltimore stands out in a week of worst’s. Specifically though, the two innings pitched by Jeff Francoeur, the waving of the white towel, and the bullpen phone being off the hook, stand out.
  • MVP- Ryan Howard hit two home runs this week, I’ll give him the nod despite not being all that special.
  • LVP- Jerome Williams edges out Aumont and Utley for the win here.
  • Most overrated “issue” of the week- Chase Utley arguing with Bob McClure. At least one of them won’t be here next year, and the other shouldn’t be either.
  • The Week Ahead- Off to Yankees Stadium they go for three! Then they come home to face the red-hot Max Scherzer and the Nationals for three.

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