For Once, the NBA Turned Out Alright


The best team over the course of the entire season won the NBA title. The most important player in the series for the winners won the MVP award. Yes, everything turned out alright in the NBA.

LeBron James is the best player in the world right now, and he showed that on the court in the NBA Finals. He put up a historic performance, and left everything on the court for the City of Cleveland. He was everything he was supposed to be. That some want to attack him for losing these finals is petty and silly. Did you watch the games? He did everything humanly possible to win. He just didn’t quite win. I’m not sure any man alive or dead could have won that series.

Steph Curry did look like a first time finalist at times, but he was very good in the decisive game, and was a huge part of his team’s championship. He and his team surprised me, to be honest. I thought they’d lose to Cleveland before the series, and said all year that a “jump shooting team” can’t win the championship. Now after Kyrie Irving’s injury I thought they’d win easier, but with that said, Curry has nothing to justify to anyone. He’s got the MVP and the championship.

I’m thrilled for Andre Iguodala. He was a real pro in Philadelphia, and a great player. That he won the Finals MVP is just icing on the cake for a well deserving player. He deserved the award for his two way play.

The NBA Finals turned out the way they were supposed to. The NBA season turned out the way it was supposed to. If you’re a basketball fan, be happy with it.


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