As Philadelphia Sports Burn….


Andre Iguodala, NBA Finals MVP. Kimo Timonen, Stanley Cup Champion. Braydon Coburn, Stanley Cup Finalist. Eagles, releasing a Pro Bowl offensive lineman. Phillies, losing 19-3 and making fools of themselves in Baltimore.

Yes, it’s a tough time to be a Philadelphia fan.

The only team that can even possibly spell playoffs at the moment is the Eagles, and with all of their turnover, it’s just as likely that this year is a washout. The Phillies are on 108 loss pace, the Flyers are consistently mediocre, and Joel Embiid’s injury has me feeling like the Sixers’ rebuild isn’t going to work. Meanwhile our former players are winning titles. If you want to gamble well and bet on the continuing burning sensation in your Philadelphia heart, beat on the Los Angeles Dodgers and Jimmy Rollins to win the World Series (or whoever gets our players at the deadline), or LeSean McCoy and the new look Bills to shock the world and win the Super Bowl. It would be fitting, right about now.


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