The Phillies at Ten Weeks-Ish


Seven straight losses. 21 innings without a run. Generally ugly baseball. The last seven games have been very tough to watch for Phillies fans, and the team hasn’t won one of them. If they lose tomorrow at Camden Yards, they will finish the trip winless. That’s really awful.

I got to see a game in Pittsburgh, and of course they didn’t score a run. They didn’t score a run in 11 long innings. They did the same in 13 innings on Friday night. They scored 11 runs over the last seven games, the kind of number you don’t ever want to see. Frankly, I could analyze this more, and attack the pitchers and stuff, but if you don’t score two runs a game, you may not win any games.

  • Record- 0-6 last week, currently 22-43 on the season.
  • Highlight- Cole Hamels struck out 12 guys on Sunday.
  • Lowlight- Dom Brown’s re-call would normally win, but I think Friday’s loss has to win this one.
  • MVP- No, just no. Ok, Hamels.
  • LVP- Chase Utley is a regular here, but he has to win. He’s at .187 on the season.
  • Most overrated “issue” of the week- Is this Dom Brown’s last chance? Who knows at this point.
  • The week ahead- A pair of two-gamers with Baltimore, then a visit from the Cardinals.

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