Iggy Sucks, But So Do Her Critics


I read the Washington Post’s brutal takedown of Iggy Azalea‘s floundering career, and I have to say I wasn’t impressed- with the Washington Post, and the people criticizing Azalea in the piece. Three main points here:

  1. The fact we’re discussing someone as truly not-good as Azalea is an indictment on rap music today. We’re talking about a real low point for rap music. Azalea is not Lil’ Kim. In fact, I shouldn’t have put them in the same sentence. Here we are though, discussing her in a major newspaper. No, this is just not right. This is where hip-hop is at.
  2. Azealia Banks racial argument in the piece is just embarrassing. Cultural smudging? Complaining that white rappers won Grammys? Really. She is complaining about Macklemore beating Drake, and Azalea winning a Grammy, and her point is that they are not excellent. Yes, she’s right, but here’s the problem- neither is she, or Drake, or Nicki, or anyone else in this conversation. The quality of all of them as rappers is sub-par to rappers at other point in the history of rap. Bringing race into the discussion is ridiculous though, and should require her to look in the mirror. Jay Z never had to complain about Eminem winning awards as a “white rapper,” because Jay Z was putting out truly good product, and didn’t have to hide behind this kind of argument. Banks is complaining about a bad rapper beating other bad rappers.
  3. About the only part with merit in this piece was QTIP’s attempt to educate Azalea, which ended in Azalea acting like a child. QTIP is brilliant though, and yeah, this is ridiculous.
  4. There’s some irony in the debate about Azalea’s “realness.”¬†Other than the older rappers and Meek Mill, you show me any “real” rapper right now.

To be clear, I can’t stand Azalea. When “Fancy” would come on the radio, I switched it. She’s not a serious rapper. I just found myself shaking my head during this whole article.


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