Brown’s Criticisms of Cameron are Harsh, but Fair


Gordon Brown was the United Kingdom’s last Labor Prime Minister, and will be for a while now. His former rival, Tory Leader David Cameron, was re-elected as Prime Minister last month, and has a second full term if he would want one. Brown, who resigned as an MP before this election, will not be Labor’s next leader, however he is filling in admirably while the party selects it’s next leader, attacking Cameron for letting the United Kingdom fall apart:

Gordon Brown has issued a stark warning that the UK remains on “life support” because the Tory government has given up on saving the 308-year-old union as it shores up support by playing the English card.

In a powerful critique of David Cameron, as No 10 brings forward plans to limit the voting rights of Scottish MPs at Westminster, the former prime minister accuses the Tories of adopting an “insidious” approach to divide England andScotland.

Writing in the Guardian, Brown says: “If the United Kingdom collapses, it will not be because a majority of Scots are hell-bent on leaving but because the UK government is giving up on saving it.

“No union can survive without unionists and, after an election in which, to head off Ukip, the Conservative and Unionist party presented itself as the English Nationalist party, it is clear that the union is on life support … It is London’s equivocation over Scotland that is becoming the greater risk to the UK.”

At issue is the SNP’s push to block the UK from leaving the EU, which enraged Cameron enough that he is trying to block the SNP members from voting on “English only” laws, or laws that only apply to England.

Brown is right to attack Cameron for going full-blown nationalist in his approach to governance. Cameron may indeed only be responding to political winds, but his response has long term consequences that cannot be turned back so easily once done.

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