Thoughts on Day One of the Phillies Draft


So generally speaking, when you hear your team make a draft pick in round one of any sport, and it’s not a guy you were watching closely, a moment of terror sets in. You have the names you are set on, or at least the ones you expect, and if you don’t hear those, your first reaction is to become worried.

So when Cornelius Randolph was announced as the #10 pick in the draft, I was a bit panicky. A high school shortstop with a suspect glove isn’t going to help this team fast. Some were calling him a third baseman, which we don’t really need right now. Randolph was projected in most mock drafts as a #20-30 guy. The pick was scary.

After reading the team’s comments, watching some film, and looking at where they plan to play Randolph though, i’m excited by the pick. The Phillies drafted perhaps the best high school hitter in the draft, and plan to play him in left field. He has plenty of ability to play the outfield, and he has the bat to do it too. Randolph has a plus hit tool and a good arm, and frankly makes a lot of sense in left. The Phillies drafted an 18 year old plus offensive player, who they will probably sign quickly and at or below slot. He’ll be in Gulf Coast League games as quickly as this year. This pick makes total sense to me now.

Which leads to the second round pick, Scott Kingery. The second baseman out of the University of Arizona was the PAC-12 player of the year. He’s also got a  plus hit tool, along with a solid glove and good speed. To say this pick makes sense is an understatement. Kingery is likely to begin in Lakewood or Clearwater, and could be a fast riser. He plays a position where there will be need soon. The Phillies got an advanced talent that will rise fast, plays a position they need, and is a plus hitter and defender. I love this pick.

These two picks are not the whole draft- there’s lots more of that the next two days. They are two big chips in the long-term plan to rebuild this team. I like them both. Given the talents they have, and the thought process behind the picks, you can’t help but feel positive about these picks.

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