Hillary Right to Move the Conversation on Voting Rights


On June 2nd, New Jersey had it’s lowest voter turnout in 90 years. In the last decade, you can’t find more than a handful of prosecuted voter fraud cases that involved voter impersonation. It would seem to me that the problem in America is not enough people voting, not too many people voting. The drop off between Presidential election and mid-term election voting can number in the 40-50 million range, depending on the year. It’s very clear that the goal should be to have more people voting consistently, not more of the low-turnout elections that have become common. Despite this clear set of evidence of what we need to do, we have spent time since 2010 debating voting rules that are meant to stifle voting. In the name of “voter fraud” we have seen early voting cut, absentee rules tightened, and voter ID laws passed. None of this makes any sense.

Voter fraud is not an issue. Voter fraud is a myth. I don’t know how many different ways it needs to be said, but we don’t have a voter fraud problem. Given the overwhelming evidence that supports my position, it’s fair to say that the reason some politicians, mostly Republicans, want to see rules to decrease turnout is because higher turnout means they will lose. They are pushing for an unworthy ambition though, self-preservation, instead of for the best interests of America, higher turnout. We should want more people to vote. That is good for our country.

For this reason, I have to cheer Hillary Clinton’s push to expand voting rights. She nailed each of the above points on the head, though I’d maybe even go further. While we should have more early-voting, automatic registration, and easier absentee and vote-by-mail systems, we should also have election day be a national holiday. We should make voting as easy, fair, and accessible as we can. It’s about time a national leader pushed for more access to the ballot, rather than less. Positions like Chris Christie’s, setting up false problems, do nothing for our nation. Positions like Hillary’s move us forward.


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