In Jersey, Even the Municipal Elections are Interesting


No, he didn’t run…

In New Jersey, there is no such thing as an “off year,” or a “minor election.” Every race matters, every race is full contact. On both ends of the turnpike last night, assembly and municipal elections were on the ballot, and the results re-shaped who would have power. A few elections particularly caught my eye:

  • In Hudson County, the assembly team backed by the Speaker, Jersey City Mayor, and Bayonne Mayor won a landslide. This particularly matters because the Jersey City Mayor is a rumored candidate for Governor, and his guys won. Also, I mean, the Speaker is their county chairman, which matters.
  • To the south in Union County, their chairman lost control of his home municipal party. The chairman of the Union County Democrats is also the assemblyman and chairman of the Plainfield Democrats, at least until the re-organize and remove him from his chairmanship of the town. The Mayor has been locked in a bitter feud with him, and appears to have won this one.
  • To the south of there, in Middlesex County, there was news as well. The Perth Amboy Democrats elected new committee-people, and the Mayor’s team beat the chairwoman’s team. A few miles down the road in Monroe, the long-time Mayor was retiring, and the Council President will be his replacement.
  • To the southwest of there, in Mercer County, the chairwoman and assemblywoman won easily in her race for a full term in the assembly, alongside a long-time incumbent.
  • The Morris County Republicans, who once kicked a Freeholder Chris Christie to the curb, had another internal war, which delivered a split verdict. Basically, the state senator beat the chairman there.

While I do enjoy working New Jersey races, I’m glad I was an observer yesterday. I’m just still wiped out from my recent campaigns. For the most part, the establishment candidates won in New Jersey, and the chair’s of the counties had good nights, with the exception being the Morris GOP and Union Democrats. I’m not shocked by this, as New Jersey has some of the best organized local parties you will see anywhere in America.


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