Why the Hastert Case is so Troubling


While Dennis Hastert was an appallingly bad Speaker whom I disagreed with on almost everything, I never would have guessed he was hiding a secret like this. The disgusting thing about him is not his politics. There are several things that are really bad though:

  1. He blasted President Clinton for “not being able to follow the law” for having an affair. Yeah.
  2. He’s not going to be convicted, or even tried, on the sex abuse allegations against him. He’s going to go down for taking too much money out of the bank at a time.
  3. This is a real black-eye for the sport of wrestling that he claims to love. He was the most famous national figure associated with the sport, and now this is his legacy.
  4. He rose to power because the two men who had the job ahead of him, Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston, had affairs and had been pushing the impeachment of Bill Clinton for the same. In hindsight, the accusations against them don’t seem as heavy.
  5. Mark Foley. Yes, Mark Foley. The Florida Congressman was accused of seeking out the teenage House Pages for sexual advances, a scandal that pushed him out of Congress, and into the national news stories. This happened under Hastert. Hastert called it a Democratic trick.

I could really care less that he was socially conservative. I think the items above are much more damning.

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