Take O’Malley Seriously? Yeah, I Would


Generally speaking in American politics, the furthest you can go towards winning the White House is winning a Gubernatorial or Senate election in your state. If you do that more than once, you are pretty much as accomplished of a politician as there is, short of running for President. Martin O’Malley is certainly of that level. He was elected Baltimore’s Mayor a couple times before making the jump to Governor of Maryland, where he served two terms. The next, obvious step for him was a Presidential run. Today he entered the race.

As I watched his speech today, I was certainly impressed by his record. He has environmental, immigration, and economic achievements that should be popular with the party’s base. His speech was certainly better than his 2012 convention speech as well, the mark of an improving candidate. He has a good story to tell, albeit with some tough patches to explain, but he is coming into this race with a message to deliver, and he stayed on that message today.

Now, again, I’m a Clinton supporter, and I believe she should and will win this race. With that said, I’d take O’Malley seriously in this race moving forward.


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