The Many Languages of Politics


When in Philly….

I speak one language proficiently, English. I can throw phrases and sentences at you in Spanish, Slovak, Italian, and Latin, but I am not fluent in any of them. With that said, I’ve been around the block a little bit, campaigning all over the country, and have encountered some populations that aren’t English speaking. I figured I’d share a few with you.

Northeast Philadelphia- Russian- Северо-Филадельфия

Yes, I spent the last few months with Lynne Abraham in Philadelphia, and one of our pockets of support was in Northeast Philadelphia’s Russian neighborhood, where English isn’t spoken much. The piece of literature above was for that neighborhood.

Да, я провел последние несколько месяцев с Линн Авраама в Филадельфии, и один из наших карманов поддержки был в России окрестности Северо-Восточной Филадельфии, где английский не говорят много.Кусок выше литературе по этой местности.

Waterloo, Iowa- Bosnian- Waterloo, Iowa- bosanski

I spent some of last Spring in Waterloo, Iowa, working for a Bosnian War refugee’s campaign for Congress. We tapped heavily into the Bosnian population in Black Hawk County for votes, and had a Bosnian canvass out there working. I also was in Waterloo in 2007 and 2008 for the caucuses.

Proveo sam neke od prošlog proljeća u Waterloo, Iowa, radi za kampanju bosanskog rata izbeglica za Kongres. Kucnu smo teško na bosanski stanovništva u Black Hawk županije za glasove, i imao je bosanski platnu tamo rade. Također sam bio u Waterloo u 2007. i 2008. godini za Kavkazu.

Spring Valley, NY- Haitian Creole- Spring Valley, NY- kreyòl ayisyen

I spent some of 2013 working in Rockland County, where the Village of Spring Valley is primarily Haitian in some parts. This was a key part of the county for my boss, as he was from there.

Mwen te pase kèk nan 2013 k ap travay nan Konte Rockland, kote Vilaj la nan Spring Valley se sitou ayisyen nan kèk pati. Sa a te yon pati enpòtan nan konte a pou bòs nan travay mwen, menm jan li te soti nan la.

Middlesex County, NJ- Hindi- मिडिलसेक्स काउंटी, NJ- हिन्दी

Most of the South-Asian community in New Jersey speaks English, but there is a segment of people who do not. They are particularly older. The South-Asian community has become very politically active in Central New Jersey.

न्यू जर्सी में दक्षिण एशियाई समुदाय के अधिकांश अंग्रेजी बोलता है, लेकिन जो लोग नहीं के एक खंड है। वे विशेष रूप से बड़े हैं। दक्षिण एशियाई समुदाय के केंद्रीय न्यू जर्सी में बहुत राजनीतिक रूप से सक्रिय हो गया है।

Queens, NYC- Chinese Mandarin- 皇后区,NYC-中国普通话/ West Windsor, NJ- 西温莎,新泽西州

I did a short stint in Queens on a race and part of the district had Flushing. Most of Flushing does not speak English.In West Windsor, NJ there is a very politically active Chinese-American population, many of which also speak Mandarin.


Rockland County, NY- Hebrew- מחוז רוקלנד, NY- עברית

Rockland County has the highest concentration of a Jewish population in the country, and many are very orthodox sects. They are a pivotal and controversial part of the electorate, and some speak Hebrew.

יש מחוז רוקלנד את הריכוז הגבוה ביותר של אוכלוסייה יהודית בארץ, ורבים מהם כתות מאוד אורתודוקסיות. הם חלק מרכזי ושנוי במחלוקת של ציבור הבוחרים, וכמה לדבר בעברית.

Middlesex County, NJ- Korean- 미들 섹스 카운티, NJ- 한국어

Middlesex County has a vibrant Korean community, especially in New Brunswick and it’s surrounding areas. In a couple places to eat, the menu is in both languages.

미들 섹스 카운티는 특히 뉴 브런 즈윅, 활기찬 한인 사회를 가지고 있으며 주변 지역입니다. 먹는 몇 곳에서는 메뉴는 두 언어입니다.

Hazleton, Pennsylvania/ Perth Amboy, New Jersey/ Haverstraw, NY- Spanish- Hazleton, Pensilvania / Perth Amboy, New Jersey / Haverstraw, NY- español

I have worked several times in places with largely Spanish speaking populations. In towns like Hazleton and Haverstraw, the politics largely divide along divisions from back in the Dominican Republic. In Perth Amboy and other Middlesex County towns, the politics were less tied to home.

He trabajado varias veces en lugares con poblaciones de habla en gran parte de España. En ciudades como Hazleton y Haverstraw, la política se dividen en gran medida a lo largo de las divisiones de vuelta en la República Dominicana. En Perth Amboy y otros pueblos del condado de Middlesex, la política fueron menos atados a casa.


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