Japan Combats It’s Workaholic Problem (日本はそれの仕事中毒の問題を戦います)


Sometimes it’s much better to work less.

Japan wants its workers to take more holidays and work fewer hours to cut down the number of people pushing themselves into an early grave.

Decades after “karoshi,” death from overwork, entered the Japanese lexicon, the government is still battling to get control of the problem. Leave entitlements and national holidays have increased, but the Japanese still shun vacations and the number of work-related suicides is little changed over the past decade.

Showing dedication to your company through sacrifice and never leaving the workplace before your boss does is deeply ingrained in Japanese employees.

With more than 2,000 suicides a year linked to work and overwork, and most full-time employees taking less than half their leave entitlement, lawmakers were pushed into action last year when half a million people signed a petition calling on the government to improve the situation.

Draft measures announced this week encourage companies to shorten working hours and let employees make more use of annual vacation. Revised legislation submitted to parliament in April also obliges companies to have workers take at least five days’ paid leave.

Japanese full-time workers spent 173 hours on average in overtime in 2014, 18 hours more than 10 years ago and the longest in comparable data going back to 1993, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

There are unique issues to Japan here, but there is a general “productivity” issue in most of the developed world worth addressing here. The idea that we need our workers working “more” is not necessarily true. We’d all be a little better off if we didn’t “need” to work more. This is a serious quality of life issue that global society should address.






今週発表されたドラフト対策は、労働時間を短縮するために企業を奨励し、従業員が年次休暇をさらに活用しましょう​​。 4月に議会に提出された法改正はまた、労働者が少なくとも5日間の有給休暇を取る持っている企業を義務付け。


日本独自の問題がここにありますが、ここではアドレッシング価値先進国のほとんどで一般的な「生​​産性」の問題があります。我々は労働者が働いて必要な考え方は「より」は、必ずしも真実ではありません。我々はより多くの仕事をする “必要”しなかった場合、我々は、すべてのオフ少し良くなるだろう。これは、グローバル社会が取り組むべき生命の問題の重大な品質です。

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