Here’s Hoping Brady Never Misses a Game, Kraft Never Pays a Dime


A lot of fans hate the New England Patriots. Roger Goodell gets that. Rather than being fair and objective with his use of punishment (or not) after the Wells Report was released on “DeflateGate,” Goodell chose to appease the angry. He chose to levy an absurd suspension on Brady, take away multiple draft choices from his team, and fine the team a million bucks. Goodell got the entire thing wrong, and in the process further delegitimized himself and his discipline.

A few points:

  • The Wells Report proved nothing about Tom Brady, and admits so itself. He “probably generally knew” about the footballs being deflated. I don’t know any world where that is an acceptable standard of proof. There is no smoking gun, not even anything I would call damning, in the report.
  • The Wells Report literally cleared the coach and owner of wrong doing, and yet the league is penalizing the franchise two draft choices and money. That makes zero sense.
  • The Wells Report does not clearly refute scientific explanations more friendly to Brady and the Patriots. If the balls were inflated to the minimum acceptable level (which is legally fine), then left outside in the cold, they would be under the legal limit in little time at all.
  • Beyond the substantive questions about this, this “crime” did not impact the game. Indianapolis did not belong on the field with New England, and even an over-inflated ball would not have changed that.
  • The referees were tipped off that there could be a problem with the balls before the game, and apparently did nothing about it at first. Take that for what it is.
  • Who cares? We’re talking about deflated footballs. I know people are making the “for the kids” argument about cheating, but i’m sorry, that is little more than sour grapes. What I hear are Philadelphia, New York, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and other jealous, bitter fans. We’re talking about whether a ball had 12.5 PSI or not. This is a four game offense? This is a two draft pick offense? Roger Goodell has now cast shadows across his league’s best team, both as the defending champions and as a dynasty, to appease a bunch of whining, jealous children-fans in other cities. This is foolish.

So I hope Tom Brady goes beyond appealing his suspension- I hope he sues the NFL. I hope Bob Kraft also sues the NFL. I hope they win too. I hope the league is humiliated, and Goodell is ruined by this. I’m not a fan of New England, but this is an injustice.

This should have been treated as the joke it is from the start. In my eyes, suspending Brady could make the start of the season totally illegitimate. Why bother to watch if people get suspended for minor things like this? The best QB of his time, and probably ever, will miss four games because an equipment manager might have let air out of a football. The NFL doesn’t need middle school style discipline (though it could improve on legitimate crimes). It needs a clue.


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