Family Values?


Family values? Not in Missouri:

The Star said the screenshots show Diehl’s business cellphone number and that it obtained the messages after the internship program for Missouri Southern State University was abruptly shut down earlier this spring.

The texts show Diehl saying to the college intern: “God I want you right now.” To which she replied, “I wish you could have me right now.”

In later texts she tells Diehl, “That sounds amazing.” He texts back, “Will have my way with you.”

In another exchange, Diehl writes, “Laying in bed looking at your pic :)” to which the intern responded, “Mmm why can’t I be there.”

“The Speaker of the House is probably the most powerful role in state legislature and that’s true for the U.S. Congress as well,” said Elizabeth Vonnahme, a political science professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Vonnahme teaches political scandal in the poli-sci department at UMKC. She said Diehl now faces an uphill battle to keep his powerful position this term or any other down the line.

She said this is more than a sex scandal plaguing the Republican Party.

“There’s also an abuse of power situation in the sense that this is a young intern working for a member of the state legislature and it’s similar to an employment situation where there is a power disparity there and he’s in essence her boss,” Vonnahme said. “Many politicians engaged in similar scandals, particularly with interns, have resigned. That is especially true for sexual scandals. They tend to lead to early resignation. They lead to election losses.”

Many Missouri voters aren’t pleased with Diehl’s actions.

“I think it’s pretty embarrassing, something you see on TV. I didn’t expect it to happen in Missouri. I don’t think he should be in office anymore, that’s for sure,” said Daniel Vernon.

“I think that he shouldn’t be in office,” said Norma Welty.

The intern had Diehl listed in her phone as “Frank Underwood,” a character on the popular Netflix show House of Cards. In the show Underwood, a politician, has an affair with a younger woman.

This guy should resign. Forget the adultery, that doesn’t bother me or most people. It’s the abuse of power. The Speaker is the top guy in the capitol, the intern is on the other end of the food chain.


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