Drug Tests for Some Government Assistance, Not for Others?


Wisconsin’s House passed proposals yesterday limiting food stamp usage on junk food and forcing food stamp and unemployment benefit recipients to get drug tests. These proposals are popular with the public in part because of the mass-ignorance that reigns in society, where the public thinks these programs are full of waste and fraud. It also just sounds good to limit this public money to certain, positive use. I disagree with these proposals on their face, and question what substantive value they have to society.

I also oppose this on a purely fairness basis. If we’re going to limit the way food stamps and unemployment can be used, why not limit other government aid? Are we going to drug test students getting student loans? How about Boeing employees, since they sell so much weaponry to the U.S. Government and get money from the public. How about just any CEO getting public aid for their company? After all, we don’t want those CEOs spending public money on marijuana, Marlboros, and booze, right?


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