Vote in the PA Democratic Primary of 2015


A week from today, voters across Pennsylvania will go to the ballot box to cast votes for municipal and judicial offices. While many people will stay home, it is important to know that these elections are possibly more important than the bigger, more popular elections. These folks actually impact your life in a very direct way each day. Who wins these offices matters very much.

I am a member of the Pennsylvania State Committee, and as such, I’ll share that we endorsed David Wecht of Allegheny County and Kevin Dougherty of Philadelphia County for the Supreme Court. We also endorsed Todd Eagen for the Commonwealth Court. There are some other great candidates for those offices, and Superior Court, and they deserve your consideration as well. You vote for three Supreme Court judges, and one each in the Superior and Commonwealth races.

At the Northampton County level, the only competitive Democratic race is for judge of the Court of Common Pleas. County Controller Steve Barron and DA John Morganelli are both un-opposed, as are all four council district candidates. I am supporting Abe Kassis for the judicial nod for his fine work in the District Attorney’s office, and his experience in private practice and leading the bar. Of the other two candidates, only Sam Murray is also a Democrat. While I think Mr. Murray would do a fine job, I’m supportive of Mr. Kassis.

At the Palmer Township level, races for constable and District Justice are both un-opposed. There are no Democrats running for Supervisor or Auditor, and I am asking you to write me in for auditor if you live there. There are three cross-filed school board candidates, and I would note that Jodi Hess is the one Democrat amongst the three.

Beyond that, both Easton and Bethlehem cities will be casting votes for city council. In Bethlehem, my friends Willie Reynolds and Mike Recchiuti are seeking re-election, and deserve it, while Shawn Martell, a fellow Moravian alum, would make a great councilman. In Easton, there are simply too many good candidates to do a full endorsement, however I would note that I have long been a fan of Ken Brown’s work for the community, and hope he is re-elected amongst the candidates. Easton Mayor Sal Panto is running un-opposed as well, and is well deserving of another term.

That is as much as I am going to say about this primary for now. I hope you give it a read and support some of the fine candidates on our ballot.


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