The Phillies at Five Weeks- Tough to Watch


We all knew it would be this way- at five weeks, or 20% of the season, the Phillies are 11-21, and in last place. They don’t hit well, they don’t pitch well, and they don’t field well. They took tough series’ losses in Atlanta and home with the Mets, while some of their most beloved players flirted with baseball obscurity this week. It was a tough week.

Here’s my weekly wrap-up:

  • Record- 2-4, 11-21 overall
  • Highlight- Cole Hamels beasting the Mets and beating Matt Harvey on Friday.
  • Lowlight- Chooch grounding into a double play Saturday night with a runner on third and one out in the 8th. They lost 3-2.
  • MVP- Ryan Howard and Freddy Galvis both had great weeks, but since last week I gave it to Herrera over Howard, I’ll give the Big Piece the nod.
  • LVP- Chad Billingsley gave it a run, and Jake Diekman should have won this at some point this season, but the winner again is Chase Utley. He actually fell below .100 at some point.
  • Most Overrated “Issue” This Week- Who should hit clean-up? Who should hit three? Who should start? Honestly, this team is on 55 win pace and you’re worrying about who gets to play? Who’s earned anything?
  • This Week- The Pittsburgh Pirates are in town to kick things off, followed by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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