Jealousy is a Bad Trait


I am a Kanye West fan, and I’m also a fan of Wiz Khalifa, so it should be no shock that I have little use for Amber Rose. I don’t really understand why she gets attention, so there’s that. Then there’s that she is a very jealous and vindictive young lady. Case in point:

At a recent event with Travi$ Scott, Amber Rose shut down the DJ when he played a Kanye track. “Stop playing n—-s I used to fuck,” Rose told him. “But wait — why don’t we play the n—-s that wrote the songs for the other n—-. Travi$ Scott. Let’s go.”

I get it- you went from one of the greatest hip-hop minds of all-time to a very good artist in the moment, and now you’re dating a dude that nobody gives a damn about. It’s hard. Don’t throw around ridiculous assertions though. Travis Scott (no, i’m not giving him a dollar sign) can’t write good songs for himself, why would he be writing them for Kanye? Let’s be real, it’s time to stop paying attention to this wannabe.


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