32 Political Beliefs of Mine


Monday I shared my 32 goals for my 33rd year. With five days until my 32nd birthday, i’m sharing my 32 political beliefs. They aren’t my only views, but they are the most prevalent ones.

  1. Collective success within society is the only sustainable success we can have. You cannot have lots of people failing in a successful society.
  2. Climate change is real. The science is basically settled.
  3. The second amendment is not an excuse for anyone to have any kind of gun they want.
  4. Inheritance should be taxed. It’s not money you earned yourself. Yes, you should get most of it, but so should the society that created that success.
  5. No one- no one at all- makes it completely on their own. As a result, we should all pay our share.
  6. Trade is good- as long as we all play by uniform rules on wages, benefits, the environment, and other areas where we don’t always do so.
  7. Immigration is a net positive.
  8. Health care is a right. Some people shouldn’t die just because they can’t afford insurance to pay for a doctor’s visit.
  9. Infrastructure needs consistent upkeep.
  10. Big agri-business does not need subsidies from the government.
  11. Strong national defense is important. That means a strong army with up-to-date weapons, not paying billions for out of date weapons and unnecessary wars.
  12. It’s time to get off of fossil fuels. It’s a problem for the planet, and the economy.
  13. The war on drugs is a failure. It’s time to legalize marijuana and tax it.
  14. Pay our troops well, and take care of our veterans.
  15. The right to collectively bargain is a key. Unions help keep wages at fair levels and insure the proper treatment of workers.
  16. Every child deserves a good education. All children deserve proper funding.
  17. I always agreed with the death penalty, but I do not any longer. It clearly is applied in an unequal manner based on race and income.
  18. Our food, water, and air must be protected. If this cuts into corporate profit, so be it.
  19. The only way to solve our immigration problems is a pathway to citizenship with strings attached, such as fines and background checks. We cannot and should not “round up” over ten million people.
  20. It is clear and obvious to anyone watching that our justice system is not “color-blind.” It must be.
  21. Rail-service between cities and regions is key. It’s smart economic policy and it’s smart environmental policy.
  22. Regulation is a good thing. I don’t want un-regulated products on the market. Setting a certain standard for the market is a positive thing.
  23. You can never get “money out of politics.” The best thing that we can ask for is a complete end to the shroud of secrecy, with immediate reporting of all donations.
  24. The first $20,000 a person makes should be tax free. Then the write-offs should be much fewer and further between.
  25. GMOs aren’t something I trust in our food supply. Frankly, that’s based on the track record of what they do sell us already.
  26. The minimum wage should be a living wage that is tied to inflation.
  27. Women should not make $0.77 on the dollar compared to men. Equal pay for equal work.
  28. Tax cuts should not target the rich. They should target the poor. The poor will spend the money faster and inject it into the economy.
  29. Education needs reform, but that reform should not be selling our schools to rich guys with political agendas. It should be to fix our public schools, and bring the system into the 21st century.
  30. Women should control their own body and make their own decisions. They do enjoy a right to privacy, and that should be protected by the courts.
  31. Religion is a beautiful thing. It should not be a part of government decisions though. Blocking science and oppressing religious minorities because of religious beliefs is unacceptable.
  32. The internet should be kept free of corporate influence, through net neutrality.
  33. I hope to have a lot more than one of these a year from now.

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