Monday Afternoon Check-In


I missed out on the morning. My bad. I am back at it this afternoon though, and doing my weekly check-in. Amongst the highlights of last week was burning a bunch of stuff at my buddy’s on Friday, having a few drinks on Thursday, paying a bunch of bills way down, and watching the fight Saturday night.

Here’s last week’s checklist. Here’s the goals list:

Get a passport.
Pay my credit cards down this year.
Take my current weight of 210.5 pounds down to 190 pounds by July 4th.
Take my GRE.
Bench 300 pounds again by year’s end.
Learn a foreign language.

Start an LLC.
Open a PAC.
Go to a football game at Notre Dame.
Go to Wrigley Field.

And here’s my updates:

  • Just need my original birth certificate to move on this.
  • I paid a grand down on these last week.
  • I’m plateaued for the moment. I’m at 209 today. I’m consistently 207 to 209.
  • Not scheduled
  • Not progressing
  • No movement
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Scheduled
  • Nothing yet

So that’s my current checklist. Last week I hinted something more coming here. I do. I have a whole new list of goals for my 33rd year, which kicks off a week from today on my 32nd birthday. I’ll be unveiling it…. next. Obviously some of these are coming off of this list, and others are going on.


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