#MayPac- They Are Who We Thought They Were


I said all week that Floyd Mayweather would win a unanimous decision. It was like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow. Mayweather not only has historically quick hands, he also had a reach advantage of 4″ on Pacquiao, a fighter who has moved up several weight classes in his career. It showed on this night. He looked smaller, and still wasn’t quick enough to catch Floyd with a big punch.

Mayweather might be boring as can be, but he’s an effective boxer. He understands that his defensive style wins fights, and that the power that used to knock people out in his younger years isn’t always going to be there now. He puts on technical clinics out there, using his straight right hand to keep opponents to the outside, where he simply dominates them with the speed of his hands. No, it’s not fun like watching Mike Tyson in his prime, but the man is technically flawless in the ring.

Pacquiao also is who we thought he was. He went out and pushed the pace, showing the heart and determination people believed he had. Floyd never hurt him bad in this fight, but unfortunately for Manny he didn’t hurt Mayweather badly either. Manny had to get inside and hit Floyd with power punches, and while he did that in a few rounds, he landed only 19% of his punches on the night.

There is a lot of bad stuff to be said about Floyd Mayweather. None of it is in the ring though. The man is an all-time great boxer. At this point, one can hope he simply wins out and retires in his rightful place amongst the best.


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