The Phillies at Two Weeks


At the two week mark:

  • Record- 1-6 for the week, 4-9 for the season
  • Highlight- Beating Jordan Zimmermann for their one win on the week.
  • Lowlight- It’s hard to believe it’s not all the Bryce Harper homers, but I’d have to say it was watching the punk Matt Harvey put a fastball in Chase Utley’s back, and seeing the Phillies not retaliate.
  • MVP- Odubel Herrera edges out Freddy Galvis and Aaron Harang in a close one. Cody Asche also gets some recognition again.
  • Least Valuable Player- Chase Utley had six hitless games this week, getting him the repeat despite the big game off of Harvey. Ryan Howard, Darin Ruf, Cole Hamels, and Ben Revere almost won this.
  • Most Overrated “Issue”- Ben Revere sitting for a few days. He’s had injury issues the last couple years later in the year, and he’s cold anyway right now, so it’s a good time to rest.
  • This Week- Miami for three, followed by Atlanta for three.

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