Monday Morning Check-In


Another week is over, and a new one just begun. Last week I had goals. This week, I still have goals.

Get a passport.
Pay my credit cards down this year.
Take my current weight of 210.5 pounds down to 190 pounds by July 4th.
Take my GRE.
Bench 300 pounds again by year’s end.
Learn a foreign language.

Start an LLC.
Open a PAC.
Go to a football game at Notre Dame.
Go to Wrigley Field.

And the results of this week:

  • Turning in the application tomorrow.
  • I think my outstanding tax return will help with this.
  • I weighed in at 207.5 today.
  • No progress.
  • No progress.
  • No progress.
  • Talking to some potential partners today.
  • This week.
  • ND-Texas, Labor Day weekend.
  • Working on this one for this Summer.

So I had some ups and downs this week. Mostly ups though, so that’s good.


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