Is Chip Kelly the Star of the Eagles?


LeSean McCoy says Chip Kelly doesn’t respect the stars. He might be right. While I’m not a fan of Reuben Frank’s homer-esque reporting normally, he might have sub-consciously given a nod to McCoy’s point with this opening to an article I saw from him yesterday:

The Eagles will open Chip Kelly’s third preseason the weekend of Aug. 13-17 against the Colts at the Linc.

Do you think the Indianapolis writers open their articles talking about how many seasons into the coach’s tenure they are this year? Do you think Denver writers are doing this? Heck, even New England writers aren’t likely to do this. Most writers are talking about a star player when they write a line like this. Now, these are just the words of a reporter, in this case a reporter who writes puff pieces for Chip Kelly for a living, but this guy actually thinks the best way to describe the next Eagles’ season is to call it Chip’s third season. Not Sam Bradford’s first season in Philadelphia, not the debut season of DeMarco Murray, not any player in particulars anything. So while I’m sure that “Rooben” would deny this until he’s blue in the face, he basically reinforced LeSean’s point for us all. Whether Chip Kelly is the star or not in Philadelphia, there are a lot of people who treat him as such.


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