Topics I’d Rather Avoid on Holidays- Thanks a Lot


Sometimes, people presume you want to discuss things you don’t want to discuss. Every holiday, there are lots of topics that I want no part of, and yet someone asks me. Who are you dating? Where do you want to live? When will you settle down and buy a house? Are you saving money? All of these are horrible topics to discuss, and they are all topics that older relatives presume I want to discuss, for some reason that I do not know right now. Every holiday I hope to get through without discussing as many of them as possible. This Easter was unique though, because I was trapped discussing something else- my former boss, Senator Bob Menendez.

Now to be clear, I spent a few months on his 2012 re-election campaign, not years with the guy. I found him most impressive, he’s a damn good politician. He had a solid staff around him, he had his head in the game, and he ran hard. The job was great for me too, I consider it to have been a big point for my career. I’ll be grateful forever. I really love working Jersey races.

Now, to be clear, this is not a post about the Bob Menendez legal case that is pending. I really don’t know enough about that. Sure, I read the indictment, and sure, I have opinions. I’m not a lawyer though, I’m not an expert on this stuff, and I certainly don’t want to be quoted saying something stupid. The whole case does make me sad, and yes, I do hope the Senator is cleared of wrong-doing in the end. Of course I do though, I am a supporter, and I really like a lot of the people who work for him. None of this is relevant to my point here though.

Maybe the only thing worse to discuss with me than my personal life and well-being is work. That’s double true when it’s something bad about work. I love discussing all the happy, positive things in my life, as anyone does, but when it comes to work, I want to leave it in the office as often as possible. I must have been asked a half-dozen times about this situation today by family members young and old. I appreciate the interest, but I really would rather discuss the Phillies Opening Day tomorrow.

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