Monday Morning Check-In


It’s Monday Morning, and so, here’s my check-in. A week ago, here’s what we had on the goals list:

Get a passport.
Pay my credit cards down this year.
Take my current weight of 206.5 pounds down to 190 pounds by July 4th.
Take my GRE.
Bench 300 pounds again by year’s end.
Learn a foreign language.

Start an LLC.
Open a PAC.
Go to a football game at Notre Dame.
Go to Wrigley Field.

So how’d we do?

  • No passport yet.
  • A payment is in.
  • Weight was bad today. 210.5. I guess the holiday won.
  • No.
  • I hit the bench, but I’m nowhere near this right now.
  • Not really anything happening here.
  • No progress.
  • Should be some forthcoming movement.
  • How about ND-Texas this year?
  • No, I wasn’t in Chicago for Opening Night.

Given the mixed bag for this past week, I’m not going to add new goals this week. I need to do better with the ones I have.


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