Not Sure What to Make of This….


Joe Sestak is an impressive guy. He rose to the rank of Admiral in the Navy, then won a U.S. House seat in suburban Philadelphia that no Democrat could ever win, so they said. In 2010, an awful year for Democrats nationally, Sestak came within a whisker of winning the U.S. Senate seat, ultimately though falling short to Senator Pat Toomey in that race. Sestak is trying again in 2016, which is either great or terrible, depending on who you ask.

Sestak announced his rematch bid on March 4th, and today on March 29th, he is finishing up a 422 mile walk across Pennsylvania. I guess we are supposed to take it that he spent his first 25 days as a candidate walking around Pennsylvania. I’m not sure. That seems to be the message though, and it’s a message that leaves me very confused. I supported Sestak in his 2010 bid against then-Senator Arlen Specter, and liked his “different” style of politics. The thing about that is, that Sestak had a lot of money raised in the bank, and was facing off against a severely weakened, “non-Democrat” in a primary. This Sestak has since taken a loss, doesn’t have the same kind of money, and has given us the benefit of his last run to consider if he’s the right guy. As a state committee member, I’m not sure. I can’t say I feel negatively about the guy at all, and most of the coverage of his 422 mile walk is very good. On the other hand, this kind of opening is not exactly the ideal for me.

A little under a year from now, the state Democratic Committee will vote to endorse a candidate for U.S. Senate. I’m open to voting for Sestak in 2016. I’m just not 100% sold right now that I’m going to. I feel as generally confused and unsure now as I was when he announced.


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