Fire the Training Staff, Maybe?


Cody Asche on last year’s rehab assignment. Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

Cody Asche’s back is stiff. J.P. Crawford has an oblique injury. Mario Hollands needs elbow surgery. Dom Brown has achilles issues. Jerome Williams has had hamstring issues.  Cliff Lee is probably done. Jeff Francoeur had some oblique issues. Aaron Harang has had back soreness. While this pre-dates Philadelphia, Chad Billingsley is just now throwing his first game. Chase Utley’s ankle only took two months to heal enough for him to play Spring games.

I know that the Phillies are an older team, but the injury issues in this system are absurd. Who is actually going to make it to Opening Day? The full gambit of Cliff Lee (old end) to J.P. Crawford (prospect end) are hurt already. You have to wonder why things are so bad.

The roster they had was a 60-70 win roster pre-injuries. With the injuries, things could get really ugly, really fast. Who will play for this team come the season opener? The Phillies are probably holding their breath through the remainder of this Spring.


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