Phillies Roster Outlook, 3/25


Not a ton has changed since Sunday’s roster projection– and that’s good. The Phillies don’t need many more injuries to decimate an already thin roster ahead of the season. They already have enough issues.

The major injury issues to watch are Dom Brown and Mario Hollands, as both could end up changing the roster dramatically. I’m assuming Hollands starts the year on the DL, however I’m not expecting the same for Brown, yet. Beyond that, I’m expecting Billingsley’s return to happen at the end of April, and eventually slide Luis Garcia back to AAA at that time. I have no expectation of Cliff Lee being on the team at any point this season.

So here’s my roster:

  • Rotation- Hamels, Harang, Buchanan, Williams, Slowey. Lee and Billingsley start on the DL. When Billingsley returns, Slowey will become a swing-man in the bullpen. Paul Clemens and Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez miss narrowly here.
  • Line-Up- Revere-CF, Herrera-LF, Utley-2B, Howard-1B, Brown-RF, Ruiz-C, Asche-3B, Galvis-SS. No changes here.
  • Bullpen- Papelbon, Giles, Diekman, De Fratus, Gonzalez, Oliver, Garcia. Again, I have Garcia edging out Jimenez for the last spot right now. When Billingsley returns, Slowey will slide to the swing-man slot in the bullpen.
  • Bench- Ruf, Hernandez, Sizemore, Francoeur, Rupp. No changes here. If Brown starts on the DL, slide Ruf to the line-up and slide-up Danks or Blanco.

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